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A business contract is a binding agreement between two parties. But, when the terms your contract are unclear and ambiguous, problems may arise. Many people do not read these agreements and sign them without understanding what is indicated in the contract or the outcome that may result.

In some cases, a client can no longer file a dispute after a specific timeframe has passed. In Pennsylvania the time frame is four (4) years. This creates an issue for clients who are not knowledgeable about the grievance procedures. A victim may even lose their hard-earned money. Contract disputes can also cost the victim’s future employment opportunities. 

Hiring a Bucks County contract dispute lawyer can help you prevent this from happening. At Kaminsky Law, we helped many clients achieve a favorable outcome with their contract disputes and other related issues.

Our Bucks County contract dispute law firm helps clients by reviewing their contracts. We also help clients anticipate disputes and draft contracts to prevent future contract disputes. We provide practical legal advice before creating or signing a contract. Our lawyer provides an effective legal representation, practical legal advice, and real time feedback if your case also escalates to trial.



A breached contract is a big issue for a business or professional. Sometimes a breach is small and can be cured, but often the parties involved need to get attorneys or a court involved. A contract dispute lawyer can be firm, protect your business, and help resolve issues related to contract violations.

In some cases, the parties involved want to avoid excessive costs, but have no choice but to seek a declaratory judgment to protect their rights. This can help both parties to prevent future disputes. Our Bucks County contract dispute attorney has successfully represented many clients in the past and has both filed temporary relief motions and protected against improper declaratory judgments by applying Pennsylvania business law and applicable rules. 


Construction contracts outline the agreement between the contractor and their clients. A good construction project contract should elaborate on the project’s scope and description. Before signing, both parties must understand the terms included in a construction contract.

When construction project disputes arise, taking legal actions may be necessary. Hiring a business law lawyer with extensive experience in construction litigation can help you. Contract dispute lawyers will go over the contract and identify the crucial parts.

A contract dispute lawyer can help you improve your drafted contract to prevent future disputes. They will educate you on any legal options available for your case. This is why consulting with them is essential. If you find yourself in this situation, you should contact a contract dispute attorney immediately. 


An employment arrangement is a written contract between an employer and an employee. This document specifies the benefits, work arrangement, and compensation of the employee. The scope of the employee’s responsibilities should also be indicated in this agreement.

At Kaminsky Law, our litigation lawyers also handle employment-related disputes. We will help you with the legal procedures of your contract dispute case. Our contract dispute law firm will try our best to meet your best interests.

Independent contractors should also create a written arrangement with their clients. They can use this when a conflict arises between them and their clients. Contractors who are experiencing client issues can also reach out to us for help. We will assess your contract use fact-based arguments to support your case.


When a business buys production materials, they get them from a source. But, before they can order materials from the source, they would need to provide purchase contracts. These contracts contain the price, quantity, and quality information.

In some cases, the source may mess up the orders completely. When this happens, a client can file for a contract dispute. Legal actions can be taken when the source refuses to acknowledge responsibility for the incorrect order. A business litigation attorney can help resolve this issue. 



A shareholder agreement should specify the shareholder’s role in a business. This document protects the right of stockholders. Creating a clear and concise arrangement can prevent business disputes in the future.

A shareholder arrangement should protect both majority and minority shareholders. You should understand the terms before signing the contract. When in doubt, you can have your lawyer read the contract first before signing.

When disagreements between shareholders break out, they will first turn to the contract. Our professional contract dispute lawyer will help you file for a business litigation lawsuit if needed. Seeking the help of an experienced litigation lawyer can prevent contract disputes.

They will check your contract and foresee any possible dispute in the future. In a business, it’s better to take safety precautions. This will ensure the safety of your earnings.


An insurance contract dictates the member’s coverage and their amount of compensation. Before signing the contract, you should carefully read what is indicated in the deal. In some cases, an insurance company may deny your claim if it’s not under your plan coverage.

Hiring a contract dispute lawyer can help resolve your claims issues. Our business expert litigation lawyer may be able to help you. We have many years of experience standing up against big insurance companies. We can help you take legal action against these giant corporations. 


The Pennsylvania Plain Language Law protects buyers from wordy and ambiguous contracts. The law states that agreements between two parties should be easy to understand.

The law requires contracts to be written in ‘plain language,’ which is not complicated to understand. Businesses usually take advantage of customers by creating wordy contracts. The general rule of thumb is not to sign a contract you don’t understand. 


Warranties and Guarantees are usually used interchangeably. Warranties assure customers that the quality of the product meets the company’s standard. On the other hand, a guarantee is a commitment of the company to its consumers.

It states that if the product’s quality is subpar, the company should send a replacement or refund the customer’s money. If the seller refuses to refund or replace a poor-quality product, you should hire a contract dispute attorney. Your attorney will handle the negotiation with the seller. Still, if nothing works, you have an option to take the case to trial. 


A financing contract should be specific on how a business will use its finances. This is usually an arrangement between a lender and a borrower. If the company decides to seek custody services, then they should also have a separate custody arrangement.

Hiring a knowledgeable contract dispute lawyer will help you resolve financial contract issues. They can plan actionable solutions that will benefit you and the defendant. 


An employer may introduce a non-competition clause to their employees’ contracts. Employees who leave the company cannot seek employment with a competitor company. This is to protect the business’s trade secrets and best interests.

A Bucks County contract dispute attorney can investigate an unfair non-competition clause. Even if non-competition clauses are legal, they are still subjected to investigation. If it seems unreasonable, the court can void the clause.

An employee who violates this rule may face legal consequences. If you are experiencing an unfair non-compete situation, you should seek a lawyer. Our proficient Bucks contract dispute lawyer can provide helpful legal counsel who can help defend your case. 



Breach of contract is a typical litigation case. This usually occurs when the company or contractor violates the acknowledged contract. The severity of the breach will depend on the impact it caused to the business or project.

There are two types of contract breaches, and they are material breach and minor breach. A material breach is when the contractor completely abandons their responsibilities. They can no longer resolve this breach, and the non-breaching party can sue the violator.

A minor breach is when a contractor partially fulfills its duty. In this case, the non-breaching party can still sue the other party for not fulfilling their duty. But, both parties are still bound by the contract at this point.


If you are facing contract challenges, you should not hesitate to contact our Bucks County contract dispute lawyer. We will review your concerns and provide an in-depth case analysis. Most law firms provide a generic solution, but we provide a specific resolution that targets the key problems in your case.

In most cases, a thorough negotiation with the other party usually resolves the issue. But, a contract dispute can also proceed to trial. If this happens, our experienced Bucks County contract dispute attorney is ready to represent you on your behalf. We will fight until you receive the justice you deserve.



Contract disputes can be stressful to handle all by yourself. Call our contract dispute attorney at 215-876-0800 if you are dealing with this issue. Our contract dispute attorneys are ready to help you succeed in your contract dispute cases. We will fight until we meet your best interest.

Our law offices also offer legal representation for personal injury cases and real estate disputes. Kaminsky Law’s real estate attorney has extensive experience in successful client representation. Check our practice area page to know more about our practice areas.

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