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As New Jersey family law attorneys, we know that family legal disputes can be difficult to navigate and understand. Sometimes it’s hard to see through the emotions and the process can be frustrating and stressful. Our family law attorneys are dedicating to helping our clients navigate these complex issues and make the process as smooth as possible. While the majority of clients are seeking a divorce when they contact us, there are many other family law issues that can arise that we can handle.

At Kaminsky Law we dedicate ourselves to our clients. We promise to deliver results and exceed expectations. Read further to find out what types of cases our firm handles and how we can help you.



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Sometimes when a marriage is over, divorce is inevitable.

Going through a divorce or separation is the most common reason people search for a family law attorney. Deciding to divorce or separate is rarely easy. A lot of emotions come with the decision as well as concerns about how to split property or finances. Additionally, custody is a concern if there are children involved.

New Jersey recognizes two types of divorce. When the split is amicable, an uncontested divorce is a cost effective way to dissolve a marriage. If animosity exists, then a contested divorce will be necessary. However, that doesn’t always mean trial. Alternative dispute resolution and mediation are available to help couples come to a resolution and avoid trial. Our attorneys can help guide you through this process step by step.


You love your children and want the best for them. But the thought of how to co-parent and share custody can be overwhelming and sometimes complicated. In New Jersey, the child’s best interest is the primary concern when making decisions about custody and parenting. This means that arrangements are very fact specific. What works for one family may not work for another. New Jersey also has two types of custody. Legal custody governs the ability to make parenting decisions for the child while physical custody governs where the child will actually reside.

Child Custody Lawyers in New Jersey
Our New Jersey family law attorneys can ensure that custody arrangements are fair and in the best interest of the child

We understand a lot of emotions surround these decisions. Our family law attorneys can help make sure that your parental rights are protected and a plan is put into place that will be in the best interest of your child.


With children, another important aspect to consider is the payment of child support. At its core, child support payments are a direct way to support the child regardless of which parent they are living with. New Jersey child support guidelines provide a clear framework for support in most cases. These guidelines make it easy for both parents to understand their payment responsibilities.

Additionally, credits and deductions may apply and in certain circumstances child support can extend past the age of 18. Our family law attorneys can help you navigate this sometimes complicated process. We can ensure that your child has the financial support they need and deserve.


Alimony is sometimes appropriate in a divorce. This is when one spouse pays another spouse a set amount of money for a certain amount of time. It can be ongoing from the day of marital separation or can begin once the Judge signs the final divorce decree. Alimony allows spouses to maintain a standard of living similar to during the marriage. It also prevents the economic consequences of divorce from falling disproportionately on either spouse.

This can be a complicated issue within a divorce. Let us evaluate your circumstances against the factors the court applies to determine if you may be entitled to receive alimony.


Division of assets is one of the most difficult parts of divorce, let our lawyers help.
Division of assets is one of the most difficult parts about divorce.

Once you have made the decision for divorce, you’ll need to work to determine how to divide all assets and debts obtained before and after the marriage. Some things are easy, like who will get the car or house, and some are more difficult, like a business that was started during the marriage. There are many factors that go into dividing a business, especially if it is one that was built during the marriage by one spouse or both. It is important that before you agree how to divide a company you have a valuation done.

Our law firm’s strong business background is advantageous if you own a company and getting a divorce. We can advise you on how to obtain an accurate valuation and protect your rights and interest in the company. We will also ensure that all necessary documents are drawn up to make any division of the company a smooth transaction. 


Life is rarely stagnant. Things come up after the divorce is finalized that could affect things such as child custody and support. New Jersey allows modifications of these orders when a parent is experiencing “changed circumstances”. These circumstances must be permanent, substantial, and unanticipated. The court will also consider the best interest of the child when making any modifications. Modifications of child support can be evaluated at least once every three years.

Modifications can be made by agreement or on a motion to the court. If you are experiencing any circumstances which meet the criteria we can help draft an agreement for entry or in filing and proving up the motion.


These are just some of the cases we can handle. If you have a family law issue that you would like us to review, you may contact us at 215-876-0800. We have an experienced family law attorney that can help you handle these issues and ensure that your rights and your children’s rights are protected.

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