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Anton was helping us with mostly business related issues for at least five years now. Not only he's very knowledgeable in different aspects of contract law (he helped us winning a number of cases at the arbitration stage) but also went into litigation when needed. One other thing: not every lawyer would tell you to not pursue a case, Anton does it sometimes because he has your best interest at heart. Do yourself a favor, talk to Anton before you waste your time and money somewhere else.

Natalia M.

Anton is a fantastic attorney for small businesses. He simplifies complex concepts, he has good ideas, and was able to review and/or draft various complex contracts for me. He is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him.

Daniel F.

Great Philadelphia area small business lawyer. Highly recommend!

Brian R.

When you need an aggressive lawyer to fight for your small business there is no better law firm. Anton kept my lawsuit costs reasonable and got the result we needed. Highly recommend for business contract enforcement.

Shay B.

Anton was quick to respond. Provided a valuable free consultation on a contract review. I highly recommend his services.

Derek G.

Anton Kaminsky is a sharp, quick and confident lawyer in the court room while being respectful and ethical... That what I was sharing with my friends before the verdict. Not to mention, he won my business dispute for me.

Karagodsky Associates, P.C.

Thank you! Great and professional consultation, for free. The lawyer is very knowledgeable and professional and helped me with resolving my issue regarding commercial leasing! Highly recommend.

Takhmina B.

Anton is a fierce lawyer that will get it right for you. There were people that intimated my family with baseless law suits, Anton basically got the suits thrown out and made sure these evil people will never ever threaten others through baseless law suits. If you need defense in a defamation case this is your lawyer. A really nice guy that cares about you, but extremely fierce and aggressive towards the other party. Highly recommended!

K S.

Highly recommend Anton. We had a home issue with contractor negligence. Anton was extremely responsive, was clear and educated us on the process, and was professional. Anton was a huge contributor in helping to make us whole by being aggressive and cost effective. Lawsuits are never fun to go through, but Anton made the entire process seamless.

Tracy M.

"I've been using Kaminsky Law for some time now, whether it be a business dispute or contract dispute Anton always comes out on top. We can't give him enough compliments! Thanks for all your hardwork."

Opulent J.

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