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Business Lawyer

Philadelphia is a city with one of the most diverse populations in the country, and it’s no surprise that businesses are thriving. Philadelphia has its share of both large companies and small businesses. They are owned by people who seek to introduce new products or services into their local communities. Sometimes these people encounter issues about Philadelphia business law that they don’t know how to handle. Kaminsky Law business lawyers in the Philadelphia area can give the legal advice you need to help you decide the best option for your business.


Successful businesses or industries have business attorneys from law offices that help them navigate through business law. Here are five crucial things that all Philadelphia business lawyers can help you with:

  • Helping You Create The Proper Agreements And Licenses For Your Company

  • Creating Various Contracts Like Vendor Agreements Or Customer Agreements For Businesses

  • Filing Patents Or Trademarks For Identification Purposes

  • Helping Make Sure You Do Business Within The Boundaries Of Rules And Regulations

  • Maintaining Good Business Practices And Legal Business Conduct

Before you start your business, you must seek a business lawyer. Philadelphia has many different business attorneys who can help on all these topics. A business law attorney can also help with other business law services and the ones mentioned above.


Whether it’s a small business or a corporate firm, many business owners will always have legal matters or legal concerns that need attention. The goal is to have a cost-effective strategy that can bring the best possible results.

Your business will need the help of a Philadelphia small business lawyer. Kaminsky Law firm corporate lawyers or small business lawyers specialize in helping business clients get positive results. Here are a few legal services that our firm handles:


As a prospective business owner, you must draft the legal documents required for business operations in Philadelphia, PA before opening your doors to clients and customers. Choosing business structures and complying with state requirements can seem like a pretty intimidating task.

You’re going to need one of our Philadelphia business attorneys to help you start your new business. Our legal team offers a free consultation protected by an attorney-client relationship offering much-needed legal advice for the best possible results.

Many business owners will have plenty of litigation problems.  These can be for intellectual property litigation, unfair competition, or even contract disputes. If you’re a small business, you will need the best legal representation from a Philadelphia small business lawyer.

Our super lawyers are ready to fight for your business when it faces litigation because of violations in an agreement or conflicts between shareholders. During these times, a corporate lawyer from our firm is aggressive when helping clients that face litigation.


Clear contracts that show the responsibilities are essential for working with customers. There will be times when problems arise about discrepancies or the value of work.

All you need to do is go back to the contract, which legally holds both you and your client to the agreed-upon price or responsibilities. These problems can often happen in real estate companies or commercial leasing businesses.

Clear contracts are pretty important when it comes to disputes between your company and your clients. Seek out a business attorney to help you draft concise and comprehensible contracts for your services.


Taking active steps to secure and protect the future of your business isn’t a crime. There are plenty of internal and external threats that can be right around the corner. Your employees can claim sexual harassment or wrongful termination, while you can also face unfair competition claims from other corporations.

Our law firm can counsel you to create safeguards to ensure that a business attorney can handle these lawsuits. It would be protecting the best interests of a business client to prepare for these threats before they ever happen.


Find out that an executive, shareholder, or member of the business’ board has been accused of fraud or other illegal actions. You can take derivative actions against them, and a minority shareholder often makes a derivative action to address the problems made by a majority shareholder.

According to Pennsylvania law, you must submit a written demand to the company to correct the wrongs before proceeding with the lawsuit. Thereafter, if the company rejects your demand, you can proceed to sue them.

Filing a derivative action lawsuit allows you the right to access specific evidence such as minutes of board meetings, shareholder information, and many more.

It would be best not to skimp on legal advice when it comes to protecting your company’s future. Every day brings a possibility that your clients may want to question the value of the services you provide. It also brings the possibility of corporate matters that need attending in your corporate firm.

A business law attorney can ensure that they will be successful in their fight for your company’s future. Kaminsky Law offers legal counsel to assist our business clients with problems regarding their clients.


Here are the most frequently asked questions about business law in Philadelphia, PA:

What are the legal considerations to take when starting a business?

It is crucial to find legal advice that is specific to the legal structure of the business. For example, suppose a sole proprietor does not have a business name or contracts with customers. This will need legal advice that sets up the legal documents necessary for these situations.

You will also need help to ensure that your business might not meet cases of intellectual property litigation or unfair competition. It would be best to seek out the counsel of business law attorneys in the PA area.

Should I hire a lawyer to start a business?

Of course, there are more reasons why you might not want to hire a lawyer before starting a business. Maybe money is tight, or maybe the business idea isn’t fully formed yet. But of all the possible reasons for hiring a lawyer before starting a business, “I don’t want to get sued” might probably be at the top of your list.

Hiring a business lawyer before starting a business will help you make sure your paperwork is legally sound and complete. It also means that any lawsuits filed against your business can be dealt with more quickly and efficiently. This process isn’t just about legal technicalities either – it’s also an opportunity for you to sit down and discuss your ideas with a qualified professional.

What kind of attorney do I need for starting a business?

It is hard to know what type of attorney you need when starting a small business. Many lawyers work with businesses, and some specialize in specific areas such as patents or contracts. Suppose you’re not sure how your business will operate yet. In that case, it’s best to contact an experienced small business law attorney regardless of the structure.

You can ask them about their experience with starting businesses like yours, and this should give you insight into how they understand the challenges entrepreneurs face every day. Be careful of attorneys who promise specific results without knowing anything about your business since this could lead to unfulfilled expectations for both parties involved.

What legal steps should you take when forming a business?

When starting a business, business owners often neglect legal steps to save them money and time. If your business is based in Philadelphia, you should contact a business attorney to ensure your business structure complies with local laws.

The first business legal steps business owners should take include drafting any business documents they will need. In most cases, a business’s articles of incorporation and by-laws are what determine its internal structure.

The following business legal step is to choose the proper business structure for your business. Business structures can range from sole proprietorships to corporations. When it comes to protecting your business interests, you shouldn’t skimp on legal advice.

For a consultation with a nationally recognized Pennsylvania Attorney, contact Kaminsky Law at (215) 876-0800 or submit an online contact form.

Client Testimonials

Real People. Real RESULTS.

Highly recommend Anton. We had a home issue with contractor negligence. Anton was extremely responsive, was clear and educated us on the process, and was professional. Anton was a huge contributor in helping to make us whole by being aggressive and cost effective. Lawsuits are never fun to go through, but Anton made the entire process seamless.

Tracy M.
Director, Digital Marketing

Anton is a fierce lawyer that will get it right for you. There were people that intimated my family with baseless law suits, Anton basically got the suits thrown out and made sure these evil people will never ever threaten others through baseless law suits. If you need defense in a defamation case this is your lawyer. A really nice guy that cares about you, but extremely fierce and aggressive towards the other party. Highly recommended!

K S.
Director, Digital Marketing

Thank you! Great and professional consultation, for free. The lawyer is very knowledgeable and professional and helped me with resolving my issue regarding commercial leasing! Highly recommend..

Takhmina B.
Director, Digital Marketing

Anton Kaminsky is a sharp, quick and confident lawyer in the court room while being respectful and ethical...  That what I was sharing with my friends before the verdict. Not to mention, he won my business dispute for me.

Karagodsky Associates, P.C.
Director, Digital Marketing

Anton was quick to respond. Provided a valuable free consultation on a contract review. I highly recommend his services.

Derek G.
Director, Digital Marketing

When you need an aggressive lawyer to fight for your small business there is no better law firm. Anton kept my lawsuit costs reasonable and got the result we needed.  Highly recommend for business contract enforcement.

Shay B.
Director, Digital Marketing

Great Philadelphia area small business lawyer. Highly recommend!

Brian R.
Director, Digital Marketing

I had a wonderful experience with Kaminsky Law. I worked with Anton after having a terrible experience with another attorney who wasted my time and money.
Kaminsky Law got to the bottom of the issues quickly and was able to resolve all my concerns. I was able to settle the case and move on with my life. If you want quality service, professional advice, prompt response, and a effective attorney, choose Kaminsky Law.

Luba P.
Director, Digital Marketing

Anton is a fantastic attorney for small businesses.  He simplifies complex concepts, he has good ideas, and was able to review and/or draft various complex contracts for me. He is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him.

Daniel F.
Director, Digital Marketing
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Speak Directly With an Attorney

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