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New Pennsylvania Law – No Fireworks after 10:00PM

By Rebecca Belenky | August 15, 2022

New Pennsylvania Firework Law — No Fireworks after 10:00 pm! About a month ago, Governor Tom Wolf signed a bill to put more restrictions in place when it comes to setting off fireworks. There are some exceptions to the rule but overall the general idea is that NO fireworks can be set off from 10:00 […]

Are you winning a Toyota or Toy-Yoda?

By Rebecca Belenky | August 8, 2022

Jodee Berry’s Story We saw a meme online (pictured on the right), where Ms. Berry entered a contest to win what she thought was going to be a Toyota car. Turns out that she actually won a toy Yoda. To understand more of how she ended up in this situation, watch our Legal Bit on […]

Employment Law – Is My Non-Compete Agreement Enforceable?

By Anton Kaminsky | August 7, 2022

As a law firm that represents both small businesses and aggrieved employees, one of the questions we hear most from both employers and employees is: Is my non-compete agreement enforceable? The question comes in many forms. Employees ask, “can my prior employer enforce my non-compete agreement and prevent me from working for someone else?” Employers […]

Contract Basics: What are Material Terms?

By Rebecca Belenky | August 4, 2022

This YouTube video has Anton Kaminsky discussing what are material terms and what does the term “material terms” mean when entering into a contract. The video focuses on material terms and how they may impact a contract. This is a continuation of our “Legal Ease” segment which also has a video about the Differences between […]

Workplace Harassment – How to avoid it?

By Aubrie Linder | August 3, 2022

How is workplace harassment defined in Pennsylvania? Workplace harassment is defined as any unwelcome or unwanted action done with the intent to irritate, annoy, frighten, or alarm another that happens to an employee by either their co-worker or supervisor. Workplace harassment does not have to happen at the office or on a jobsite and can […]

Mediation, Arbitration, and Litigation: What you should know

By Rebecca Belenky | August 1, 2022

The above YouTube video features Anton Kaminsky discussing different types of dispute resolution such as Mediation, Arbitration, and Litigation. This segment is created for the everyday person who does not have a legal background. By breaking down some of the common terms used in our office, we hope that anyone at home will be able […]

Ask for Burial Space Probing to confirm that your grave can be used at your time of need

By Anton Kaminsky | July 29, 2022

To avoid cemetery negligence, older cemeteries have a burial space probing policy to confirm a burial container will fit. This should be done at least twice, to make sure that your grave can be used when its time. First, the cemetery should probe when you purchase a burial space, sometimes in your presence. Later, the […]

Sexual Harassment – Is One Dirty Joke Enough?

By Aubrie Linder | July 22, 2022

When people call Kaminsky Law, one of the first questions they ask whether or not the conduct they have experienced is considered sexual harassment. For instance, is one dirty joke enough?

Cemetery Negligence – What size should my burial space be?

By Anton Kaminsky | July 18, 2022

After our post about double depth burials, we received calls from concerned customers. People asked, “what size should my burial space be?” and “we bought this burial space years ago and now there are new burials everywhere, how can I make sure that someone will be able to fit in the space that we bought?” […]

Sick and Tired of Workplace Harassment, Can I Quit?

By Aubrie Linder | July 15, 2022

Often times, when potential clients call our office for a consultation on workplace harassment, one of their first questions is, can I quit? And if I do, do I still have a case? Our advice to clients is if you’re being harassed or discriminated against in your workplace, the first step should not be to […]

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