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What is the difference between Small Claims Court, Arbitration, and Court of Common Pleas?

By Rebecca Belenky | November 7, 2022

One of the most common things we hear from our clients is, “I’m out money…what do I do?”, to which we almost always ask “How much money?” When hiring a lawyer to represent you in court, calculate your damages to know if it belongs in small claims court, arbitration, or the court of common pleas. […]

What is the Parol Evidence Rule and how does it apply to my contracts?

By Rebecca Belenky | October 21, 2022

Parol Evidence Rule In Pennsylvania, the parol evidence rule prevents outside information from being considered when a court interprets or decides a lawsuit about a written contract. This outside information can include prior conversations, documents, emails, and other forms of communication between the parties to the agreement. The thought process around the parol evidence is […]

Types of Business Entities in Pennsylvania

By Rayan Quddus | September 22, 2022

Sole Proprietorship Sole Proprietorship is a type of business entity where there is no legal distinction between the owner and the business. A sole proprietorship can be informal–without filing with the state–or formally registered as a fictitious name with the Pennsylvania Department of State (you may also need to apply for paperwork, licenses, or permits […]

Injunctive Relief and Pennsylvania’s Default Business Law – Shareholder Oppression

By Rebecca Belenky | September 21, 2022

Shareholder Oppression in Pennsylvania Emergency injunctive relief and Pennsylvania’s default business law are two important shareholder concepts and tools for an oppressed shareholder that has been frozen out of a business. When a shareholder, member, or partner has a shareholder dispute, they may not know what do or where to turn. When one partner is […]

Shareholder Oppression – Reasonable Expectations of Owning a Small Business

By Rebecca Belenky | September 1, 2022

Reasonable Expectations Defined There are many things that fall under the umbrella of shareholder oppression in Pennsylvania. The simple definition of shareholder oppression is when one shareholder uses their power to oppress or take away the rights of another shareholder in a business that they own together. In this section we will focus on the […]

An Introduction to Shareholder Oppression in Pennsylvania

By Rebecca Belenky | August 23, 2022

For our introduction to shareholder oppression and other shareholder disputes, we deal with one of the questions our Philadelphia business law clients ask about most: the oppression of one shareholder by another shareholder. When we say “Shareholder Oppression” we include member oppression and partner oppression and use the term “shareholder” synonymously with “member” and “partner”. […]

New Pennsylvania Law – No Fireworks after 10:00PM

By Rebecca Belenky | August 15, 2022

New Pennsylvania Firework Law — No Fireworks after 10:00 pm! About a month ago, Governor Tom Wolf signed a bill to put more restrictions in place when it comes to setting off fireworks. There are some exceptions to the rule but overall the general idea is that NO fireworks can be set off from 10:00 […]

Are you winning a Toyota or Toy-Yoda?

By Rebecca Belenky | August 8, 2022

Jodee Berry’s Story We saw a meme online (pictured on the right), where Ms. Berry entered a contest to win what she thought was going to be a Toyota car. Turns out that she actually won a toy Yoda. To understand more of how she ended up in this situation, watch our Legal Bit on […]

Employment Law – Is My Non-Compete Agreement Enforceable?

By Anton Kaminsky | August 7, 2022

As a law firm that represents both small businesses and aggrieved employees, one of the questions we hear most from both employers and employees is: Is my non-compete agreement enforceable? The question comes in many forms. Employees ask, “can my prior employer enforce my non-compete agreement and prevent me from working for someone else?” Employers […]

Contract Basics: What are Material Terms?

By Rebecca Belenky | August 4, 2022

This YouTube video has Anton Kaminsky discussing what are material terms and what does the term “material terms” mean when entering into a contract. The video focuses on material terms and how they may impact a contract. This is a continuation of our “Legal Ease” segment which also has a video about the Differences between […]

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