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Kaminsky Law is a Philadelphia area law firm with offices in Philadelphia and Bucks County.  We represent individuals and small businesses in in Pennsylvania and New Jersey state and federal courts.  We focus our legal representation on two different general areas of law: 

  1. Pursuing lawsuits on behalf of individuals against large companies that have caused the individuals harm 
  2. Representing small businesses and their owners for their general business needs and disputes.   
Our law firm was founded on the premise that litigation is a heavy burden, both financially and psychologically.  That is why we are focused on practical solutions aimed at solving problems–not running up the bill.  

Small Business Representation

We understand that a lawsuit or legal dispute can take a business owner’s valuable time away from their business, which often causes more harm to the business than any lawsuit.  One of our main goals is to take and keep that stress of legal disputes and litigation off of the business owners’ shoulders and onto our own.  Part of the value that we bring to an entrepreneur is the confidence and peace of mind that Kaminsky Law has their back.  

Kaminsky Law’s business lawyers can act as outside general counsel to small businesses and take the role of a legal advisor very seriously.  Having seen various business issues from many different types and structures of business, we can help provide practical business advice to budding businesses, hopefully avoiding many of the pitfalls a new business owner might run into in their first few years of business. 

We can help small businesses prepare contracts among themselves, with employees, and with service providers.  In fact, the bulk of our business is enforcing and litigating business agreements, so we have plenty of experience to advise on what will or won’t be enforceable in a business contract (both legally and practically).   

Individual Representation

When we represent individuals, we strive to be mindful of the fact that we litigate for a living.  However, most people only experience one lawsuit in their lifetime.   We know that for an individual that doesn’t sue for a living, a lawsuit brings uncertainty, stress, and confusion.  To alleviate those issues, communication is key.  

Keeping that in mind, we try to be compassionate and patient in our representation of individuals.  Our lawyers pick up the phone, return calls, and are happy to explain legal concepts in layman’s terms throughout the lawsuit process–a few times if necessary.   We also take the time to understand what a win looks like in our client’s eyes at the start of our representation.   That way, Kaminsky Law’s lawyers are focusing on achieving a result our client actually wants, not just getting a file off their desk.      

For individual clients, our lawyers help pursue unfair business practice claims, employment disputes, including: wage payment claims, wrongful termination, harassment, defamation, and other employer / employee issues. We also represent injured individuals in accident, wrongful death, and other personal injury claims.  We are also experienced at litigating and resolving cemetery negligence claims, burial errors, and funeral home malpractice. 

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Kaminsky Law is a small business-oriented litigation Law firm licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey with cost-effective approach to lawsuits, settlements, and dispute resolution.