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Practice areas

High-stakes legal representation  of businesses or individuals involving complex legal, financial, or factual issues.

Drafting shareholder, partner, and member agreements and negotiating and resolving inter-company ownership disputes.

Providing comprehensive legal services to small businesses including drafting agreements, resolving b2b disputes. 

Drafting contracts and resolving contract disputes through advisory, negotiation, and litigation for favorable outcomes. 

Protecting consumer rights by pursuing litigation for unfair trade practices and for fraud and misrepresentations in the sales process. 

Facilitating settlement and avoiding costly litigation by resolving disputes through negotiation, mediation, and arbitration.

Enforcing employee rights, recovering unpaid wages, overtime, and obtaining justice for harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. 

Pursuing recovery for slip and falls, car accidents, dog bites, workplace injuries, infliction of emotional distress and other personal injury.

Representing clients in professional negligence claims, holding professionals accountable for their actions.

Recovering for improper cemetery conduct and negligent funeral home practices, malpractice and seeking justice for grieving families. 

Resolving real estate disputes, obtaining specific performance of real estate contracts, and protecting property rights and investments.

Holding insurance companies accountable for improper denial of coverage, bad faith practices, and securing coverage for policy holders.

What is a Philadelphia Lawyer?

The term Philadelphia Lawyer appears in many dictionaries and encyclopedias.  It is used to describe an extremely competent lawyer, with a reputation for being particularly capable in resolving and winning lawsuits.  A Philadelphia lawyer is an attorney who is highly skilled, cunning, and adept at legal maneuvering.

It was originally a reference to Andrew Hamilton, a prominent lawyer in the Philadelphia and Bucks County area during the 18th century, who came out of retirement to defend Peter Zenger, a printer charged with libel.  To everyone’s surprise, Hamilton prevailed and established a precedent of using truth as a defense to libel, a novel theory at the time. 

The Salem Observer of March 13, 1824, stated, “The New England folks have a saying, that three Philadelphia lawyers are a match for the very devil himself.”

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Kaminsky Law is a small business-oriented litigation Law firm licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey with cost-effective approach to lawsuits, settlements, and dispute resolution.