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Kaminsky Law focuses on representing small businesses, small business disputes, and other related litigation. Additionally, our attorneys have years of experience in the following additional practice areas:

We also have litigated against cemeteries and funeral homes for negligence, improper burials, lost remains, improper cremation, and funeral home malpractice. You can read more in our blog, or in the dedicated cemetery and funeral home negligence practice areas.

Cemetery and Funeral Home Related Practice Areas

Recent Cemetery Related Blog Posts

As our practice grows and we hire new lawyers, Kaminsky Law expands its practice areas and is happy to serve clients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

New Jersey Practice Areas

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Anton Kaminsky, Esquire
Trial Lawyer
Aubrie Linder
Trial Lawyer


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    Kaminsky Law is a small business-oriented litigation Law firm licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey with cost-effective approach to lawsuits, settlements, and dispute resolution.

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