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Useful Links to Research Pennsylvania Law

    If you are thinking about pursuing a lawsuit in Philadelphia, Bucks County, or Montgomery County, Kaminsky Law is here to help. We know that most people like to do their own research before going to a lawyer. Below are a few good resources for getting started and to research Pennsylvania law and procedure before contacting a lawyer.

    Pennsylvania Bar Association – News and publications for lawyers and

    Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure – General rules and procedures for lawsuits and litigation in Pennsylvania

    Philadelphia Local Rules – Local rules of court and civil procedure that apply to any lawsuit or litigation filed or being resolved in Philadelphia County

    Bucks County Local Rules – Local rules of court and procedure for Bucks County lawsuits with helpful explanations of the rules and process

    Montgomery County Local Rules – Rules of civil procedure specific to any Montgomery County litigation and the process for filing and defending a lawsuit in Montgomery County

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